The Lion and the Lamb

The 75th post from the Journal of American Greatness originally published in April, 2016.

Harry Jaffa enjoyed repeating that, like Tom Sawyer, he “never attended any religious services except under the sternest compulsion.” But every once in a while, Aunt Polly managed to drag Tom to church.  On one such occasion, Tom

was really interested for a little while. The minister made a grand and moving picture of the assembling together of the world’s hosts at the millennium when the lion and the lamb should lie down together and a little child should lead them. But the pathos, the lesson, the moral of the great spectacle were lost upon the boy; he only thought of the conspicuousness of the principal character before the on-looking nations; his face lit with the thought, and he said to himself that he wished he could be that child, if it was a tame lion.

Trump, like Aslan, is not a tame lion.  Yet apparently Marco Rubio is warming to the idea of laying down with him.  We hope, at any rate, that Rubio is not the little child who shall lead them.


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