A Note About JAG Posts

The Journal of American Greatness (JAG) appeared on Blogspot in March of 2016 and then suddenly went dark four months later.  A new Blogspot website, JAG Recovered, attempted to recover the Journal by linking to JAG posts in Google cache.  Unfortunately, many of the links are now broken.

The Jackson Gazette has made an effort to recover the work of the Journal’s anonymous authors by following the JAG Recovered links, copying the posts for Google cache and publishing them as posts to the Jackson Gazette.  It has been a hurried effort because of the fear that delay will result in fewer working links to cached copies of the posts.

At the top of each JAG post is a sentence identifying it as being written by a Journal of American Greatness author.  For example:

The 125th post from the Journal of American Greatness originally published in June, 2016.

The posts are numbered.  Gaps in the numbering indicate broken links and JAG posts that could not be recovered.   In the future we will undertake our own search for JAG posts in Google cache in hopes of picking up the ones we missed.