A Sign of the Times

The 52nd post on the Journal of American Greatness originally published in April, 2016.

Last night channel surfing, I stopped briefly on Matrix Reloaded, the first sequel to the acclaimed 1999 film The Matrix. I didn’t remember the plot that well so I clicked the info button on the cable box. All the way at the bottom, it said “Director: Lilly Wachowski.”

Now, somewhat against my will, I happen to know that “Andy,” aka “Lilly,” was the second of the Wachowski (formerly) Brothers, who together made all three films, to come out as transgender—and only in March 2016.  The film in question was released in 2003, when “Lilly” was still quite unambiguously “Andy” and “Lana” “Larry.”  But 13 years later, not even a month after “Lilly’s” announcement, someone at the cable company went into their systems to change that name, presumably without being prompted to do so by an external source.  The enthusiasm of conviction?  Or fear of reprisal?

I recall Steve Sailer noting that after “Caitlyn” Jenner’s announcement, it took about a nanosecond for the Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police to correct “her” Wiki page. But the Wiki page for Matrix Reloaded still says the film was directed by “the Wachowski Brothers.” Does that count as a micro- or a macro-aggression?

I wonder if it will be necessary to go through their parents’ attic, find their grade school classwork, and change the names on those?


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