Will You Be Taking the Whole Family?

The 5th post on the Journal of American Greatness originally published in February, 2016.

So Bob Kagan, the Edith Wilson of the neocons, is voting for Hillary.  Because of Trump.  Who isn’t even yet the Republican nominee, but Kagan is already leaving the party in a huff.  Is anyone surprised?  He auditioned for a job in her coming administration almost two years ago.  The whole trend-line of Kagan’s career, and of neo-conservatism generally, all points in this direction.  Whatever on earth was “conservative” about messianic, utopian foreign adventuring in the first place?
Kagan can’t stomach Trump.  Trump probably hasn’t heard of Kagan, but were they to cross paths, the feeling would no doubt be mutual. Kagan’s leap has the potential to be a great boon to the Republican Party, and a great millstone for the Democrats.  We hate to be greedy at the prospect of such good news, but we would ask one more thing: please make sure to take the whole family!  Actually, we’d be happy to keep Donald, but if filial ties win the day, we understand.

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