The Treason Lobby

The 7th post on the Journal of American Greatness originally published in February, 2016.

A friend (whom we hope will shortly begin writing here) likes to say the left is expert at using its pawns to tie up the right’s rooks, knights and bishops.

Case in point: the old left-wing chestnut that “The media can’t have a liberal bias because the media is owned by big business and big business is conservative.”  The right has established and funded entire think-tanks with no other purpose than to stack examples of leftist media bias like cordwood, and still the “debate” goes on without a single mind having been changed, with the shameless left not having backed off an inch.  To the contrary, showing how far brazenness can go, the left instead founded their own—and much more effective—think tank (led by the odiously reptilian Clinton hit-man David Brock) to “prove” conservative bias!

That old left-wing chestnut does, however, contain a grain of truth, just one that the left would ever admit.  Because the media—whether openly leftist or nominally conservative—is owned by corporations that are controlled by billionaires, it does share certain common interests.  One of those is a commitment to open borders—the ultimate class interest of transnational billionaires.

The New York Times (whose largest shareholder is the rent-seeking Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim) reports that Marco Rubio—along with Republican turncoat Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer (who at least is loyal to his own party; he only tries to sell out America)—lobbied Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes to tone down opposition from Murdoch’s “conservative” media properties to the “Gang of 8” amnesty.  Naturally, the two fat cats obliged.

This shouldn’t be surprising.  There is nothing especially “conservative” about Murdoch and never has been.  Time and again, he’s shown that over and against the interests of the American people, he takes the side of the transnational billionaire class every time.  Why wouldn’t he?  He’s one of its most important members.  On the core tenets of Trumpism—secure borders, economic nationalism, interests-based foreign policy—Murdoch is indistinguishable from that other resident enemy alien George Soros. That’s why Murdoch’s premier “conservative” media properties are so tenaciously anti-Trump.

Murdoch has a problem, though, in that the audiences of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are far from identical.  The latter naturally embrace the Davoisie agenda in toto and hate Trump with a passion.  The former is made up of a lot of middle American patriots who don’t like mass immigration and who do like Trump.  Moreover, Fox is far more profitable than the Journal, and thus far more important to the continued viability of the Murdoch empire, which is weighed down by the declining balance sheets of its nearly 200 print publications.  We look forward to this tension rising and intend to enjoy the difficult position into which it puts one of the premier opponents of Trumpism.


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